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Please check with your doctor before you give your child supplements

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are a special type of healthy fat. They’re called “essential” because our bodies can’t
make them and we must consume them in our diets. There are two families of EFAs, the omega-3s and the omega-6s.  
Scientific evidence suggests that imbalances or deficiencies of essential fatty acids may contribute to a range of
behavioral and learning difficulties including ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autistic spectrum disorders.  EFAs are
crucial because the omega-3 and omega-6 must be in balance to have healthy brain cells and brain function.  Most
Americans consume too many omega-6 fatty acids by ingesting corn, safflower, sunflower, and peanut oils in salad
dressings and fried foods.  Omega-3 fatty acids, which most Americans need more of, are found in soy and flaxseed
oils, walnuts and walnut oil, some beans (navy, soy, kidney), dark green leafy vegetables, and in cold water oily fish
like salmon and fresh tuna.

Nordic Naturals, Inc, a leading supplier of fish oil and essential fatty acid nutritional supplements, announced the
results of a successful pilot trial that showed beneficial effects of essential fatty acids (EFAs) on language and learning
skills in children with autism and Asperger's syndrome. The study, completed in 2004, was conducted by Louise
Patrick, a licensed speech and language pathologist, and Ronald Salik, MD at a pediatric clinic in Arizona. A report of
the pilot trial can be found in the January/February 2005 issue of Autism-Asperger's Digest.

The 3-month open-label study provided 18 children, ranging from 3 to 10 years of age, with daily supplemental EFAs
in the form of Omega-3.6.9 Junior(TM), a fish oil-based EFA product from Nordic Naturals. Omega-3.6.9 Junior(TM)
(also sold as Complete Omega(TM) and ProEFA(TM)) is a combination of omega-3 EFAs from purified fish oil and
omega-6 EFAs from purified borage oil. The children were evaluated for increases in language ability by study
investigators on day "0" and day "90" of supplementation; an adult who was familiar with the child also conducted an
evaluation at day "45." Language and learning skills were assessed using the Assessment of Basic Language and
Learning Skills.

All of the children displayed significant increases in their language and learning skills after supplementation with
Complete Omega. Statistical analysis, which was completed at the University of Arizona, demonstrated that the
increase in scores from day 0 to day 90 in each of the 8 areas measured had high statistical significance. The
investigators also noted the importance of fish oil purity and of beginning with the lowest possible dose for this
population. Ms. Patrick observed, "We feel that the impressive results of this study support the importance for design
and implementation of future studies using larger sample size and placebo-controlled formats."

Patrick is a clinician and researcher focusing on children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Salik is the Medical
Director of the Children's Emergency Center at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson.  Nordic Naturals, founded by
husband-and-wife team Joar and Michele Opheim, has set exacting standards for freshness, purity, and taste in
omega EFA supplements. The company offers over 20 different fish oil products and EFA blends for the whole family,
including liquids, capsules, and children's chewables.

There's more information on EFAs and nutrition at the website that explores The Cause of Internet and TV addiction.
Nutritional Support

Many SID Kids exhibit digestive difficulties, which may be aided by the use of enzyme therapy. The brains
chemicals/neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepherine) are dependant on proper digestion. Therefore if the
digestion is inadequate, the production of  neurotransmitters involved in brain function and attention will also be
inadequate. Enzymes help break down food proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids and can increase the breakdown of all
food proteins, carbohydrates, starches, and fats. Enzyme advocates postulate that the supplementation of enzymes
can eliminate the need to avoid casein/gluten-based foods altogether. In fact, there are now enzymes specifically
designed to aid in the digestion of gluten and casein.  See "
Enzymes for Autism and other Neurological Conditions."

This DIET is recommended for every member of the family. It’s not just an ADD Diet program. It’s the same program
that dieticians put professional athletes and business executives on for optimized performance.  


Foods high in complete protein are excellent sources of amino acids. Good sources of complete proteins include meat,
fish, eggs, dairy products and soy. Yogurt is the only animal-derived complete protein that dieticians recommend for
frequent use in the diet. For vegetarians, brown rice served with beans, seeds, nuts or wheat make a complete
protein. All soy products also make a complete protein.  Amino acids, the building blocks of protein in the body, literally
feed the brain. Amino acids promote the production of various neurotransmitters and enzymes critically needed in the
brain for communication between brain cells, smooth and balanced cognition and fluid transition from thought to
disciplined act.
and milk. Serve 60% Protein and 40% Carbohydrates for Breakfast. Other meals should be 50% / 50%.

2) PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS might be needed to get the added protein for Breakfast. They are often very helpful in
the afternoon as well. Find a favorite recipe for a Protein Shake using a  good quality protein powder.  Get protein
powders that are mostly protein and very little carbohydrate.

3) MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS may be helpful. Colloidal Minerals or fully chelated minerals are the best.  Take them for
at least 30 days before evaluating their effectiveness. Don’t buy minerals in the grocery store.  Make sure you get
good minerals.

4)Supplements with proven records of success should be considered.  
www.incrediblehorizons.com recommend the "Attend" product for everyone without digestive issues. "Extress" is
recommended in addition for those with problems with hyperactivity and temper, and "Memorin," in addition to the
"Attend," for those with poor concentration or memory.  Take them for at least 30 days before evaluating their

BrainChild Nutritionals has Natural Metabolic and Neurological Support Supplements called Spectrum
Support™ Multivitamin, Mineral, & Herbal Formulas.

5) FLAX SEED or PRIMROSE OIL. High sources of Omega oils. Borage oils and some fish oils are good as well. Very
important. Mix about a spoonful a day into foods as you prepare them, or add to salad dressings, etc.

6) EAT LOTS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Green vegetables are a must!!!!!!  If you can't get them to eat them try
a food supplement like KidGreenz or the Yummi Bears whole food supplement.

Avoid Aluminum exposure. Eat in a healthy manner.

Detox My Child website addresses metals & vaccines.

High Protein, Healthy, Kid-Friendly Recipes

Boost Vaccine Safety

DHA Pancakes

6 DHA eggs
1 cup organic flour
1/4 cup organic sugar (or less if you want) OR substitute STEVIA in equivalent amount
1 1/2 cups water or milk or any combination of to equal 1 1/2 cups
1/2 tsp. Vanilla or Almond Flavoring

Beat with mixer until very well mixed. Batter is very thin.
Pour THIN layer batter into a heated large skillet on medium/medium high heat.
Flip when done.
The second flip cooks fast since they are SO thin, so just barely cook on the 2nd side.
Make large and be sure to make VERY THIN to taste best. Enjoy with jam, syrup, etc.

What NOT to eat for TWO WEEKS:

1) NO DAIRY PRODUCTS, especially cow's milk.
This is the single most important restriction.
Instead try Almond milk, Rice milk, or Better Than Milk.
Drink water instead of milk. In fact, drink lots of water. The brain is about 80% water, and increasing your water intake
to 7 to 10 glasses per day might be helpful all by itself. Sodas, Gatorade, teas, icees, etc., do not count as water.
Water counts as water.

2) NO YELLOW FOODS. Especially Corn or Squash. Bananas are white. Don't eat the peel.

3) NO JUNK FOODS. If it comes in a cellophane wrapper, don't eat it.

4) NO FRUIT JUICES. Too much sugar content. One small glass of apple juice has the sugar content of eight apples.
Later on you can have juice, but dilute it with water 50/50.

5) CUT SUGAR INTAKE BY 90%. If you can, cut it down to zero. Sugar is in just about everything, but give it a try. Do
your best without going crazy.

6) CUT CHOCOLATE BY 90%. No more than a single piece, once a week.

7) NO NUTRASWEET. None. Period.  

8) NO PROCESSED MEATS and NO MSG. Only get meats with labels that say, “Turkey and Water,” etc. If the meat
has chemicals listed that you can't pronounce, don't buy it.


10) AVOID FOOD COLORINGS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. See if your child is sensitive to any particular colors, such as
Reds, Yellows, etc. For now, though, avoid all if possible.

SUMMARY: Just eat foods that God made for a while. Eat like people did in the 1940's. Go to a used book store and
get a Betty Crocker's Cook Book for recipe ideas. There really are about 10,000 meals that you CAN eat. Just not
much in the way of “fast foods” or “convenience” foods.

AFTER TWO WEEKS begin adding these foods back into your diet, one food every other day. Eat A LOT of that food
every day for four days. If you have a problem with one of the foods, you will see some kind of a “reaction” within four
days. The reaction can vary from big red splotches on the body to ears turning bright red to explosive temper
outbursts. If there's a problem, you'll know. If there's no problem, enjoy the food.  

We have found that it really helps about 20% of the ADHD kids that try it. The most common feedback that we get from
parents is, "Well, it helped my kid somewhat, but I really feel great!" Results fall into a "Bell Curve." A few do great, a
few are completely unaffected, and most do somewhat better but it is not enough as a stand-alone intervention. Please
have realistic expectations. But please try it. It just may be a big help to your family.

Bach Flower Essences

Children respond quickly to The Bach Flower Essences.  Parents are often amazed by the positive effect the Essences
have on their children; screaming children find sudden relief, shy and fearful children find courage, impatient and
angry children find peace.  The Bach Flower Essences are 100% safe and natural for children.  See our
Support page for specific product information and dosage.
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