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Welcome to the Furlanic website. You can call me if you need:

Furlanic Floors: Installation, sales, repairs, and/or cleaning.  I have over
35 years of experience and specialize in repairs including re-seaming,
re-stretching, and patching burn marks, stains, pet accidents, etc. When
purchasing, I have contacts for both large jobs (whole homes) and small
remnants (1-2 rooms). I also have great hardwood and tile contractors that I
can refer you to. Call me for a free quote.

Help Selling Your Stuff & Delivery Needs. Do you have a garage,
yard, or storage locker full of stuff that you would love to sell, but can't take
the first step? We can help you sell your items. See our
We Make The Sale
page for details. We can move trees, furniture, fitness equipment, lumber,
animals, and much more. I'm willing to load, drive, unload and set up most

Landscaping, Landkeeping, Landclearing. I can help with clearing,
cleaning, and beautifying your property.  I have the equipment and
manpower to fall trees, split and move trees, and remove wood if necessary.
It's possible to design and maintain landscapes that are both functional and
beautiful. Land Clearing is an important piece of property ownership. Call me
for ideas, contacts, and a free consultation.

Also, please see my
links page.  Thank you for visiting and feel free to call me
with any questions at 831-479-4400

Sensory Kids


You Tube (Funny)

Congratulations to my American Ninja brother, David Campbell and son,
Travis Furlanic. Way to Go Guys!

2008...      ANC 2 submission                          ANC 3 submission                                       ANC 4 Winning Submission!

2009,   Sasuke 22 run                                     ANC 5 submission                                       Travis, ANC 5 submission

ANW 1 open tryouts

2010...G4 comes to Santa Cruz!                        ANW 2 open tryouts

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